When is it appropriate to cut the ear?

There are many ways to record pigs on pig farms. It has been used for a long time to cut the ear to mark, and the purpose of numbering the pig is to make an individual record, which is convenient for the treatment of pig diseases, registration of pedigrees, reference of seed selection, and production performance data.

Generally speaking, the pig ear tag is played after the piglet is born. The piglet born in the pig farm is generally called the ear tag when weighing. How can it be as early as possible, after six or seven hours of birth, the piglet has already eaten the colostrum of the sow, and the weight has changed. If there is no requirement, it can be scarred in a few days. However, the later the ear is missing, the pig will struggle to fight when the ear is missing.


The ear can not be missing is the ear missing pliers . At present, Mussett’s earless pliers have V -shaped and U -shaped.Whether it is a V -shaped earless pliers or a U -shaped ear pliers, it is made of stainless steel and is not easy to rust. It is also easy to operate. Mussett’s ear missing pliers are neatly tidy, and the gap gap is consistent, which is convenient and quick.