What are the tips for high temperature pig raising in summer (3)

The key to raising pigs in summer is that in addition to the need to manage the pig house, changing the way of feeding, and carrying out breeding and childbirth at the right time and environment are also issues to be aware of when raising pigs in the summer.In the summer, it is necessary to control the breeding time appropriately, and try to avoid the hottest 7~8months of breeding. The breeding and semen selection is carried out in the morning and evening. Choose to give the sowabout 3 days before the birth , and put it on the bed when it is cool in the morning. Take some measures to control the delivery time and shorten the labor process.

Under high temperature conditions, it is often the case that the sow’s delivery time is prolonged, so that the fetus stays in the birth canal for too long and suffocates and dies. May be due date (mean 114 days prior) . 1 day in the morning injection of 0.2mg / head, from about 18 to 24 hours after birth, birth to 3-5 head after injection of oxytocin. 1 ~ 2 mL . In this way sows can induce labor in the morning, but also to shorten the production process . Reduce stillbirth . Also increase lactation.

Vaccination can be used to prevent diseases, strengthen immunization, and inject various vaccines in strict accordance with the immunization program. Do not ignore the vaccine due to high temperature in summer. In recent years, high fever syndrome has occurred in summer, resulting in a large number of pig deaths and abortions of sows. Stillbirth, repeated infertility, etc., caused great losses. Hyperthermia syndrome is a high-risk disease in summer with multiple pathogens mainly caused by blue ear disease. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of high-temperature pathogenic blue ear disease, swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease and other diseases in pigs in summer.

For pigs with high pathogenic blue ear disease, foot and mouth disease and other effective antibody levels for a short period of time, it is necessary to promptly replenish. The vaccination is also carried out in the morning when it is cooler. Also, pay attention refrigerated vaccine, to ensure the quality of the vaccine, the diluted vaccine should be placed in refrigerated containers in . And 1 run out within hours. Advocate the current match to ensure the stability of the vaccine quality. To ensure the stability of the vaccine, we recommend that you use a vaccine freezer .