What are the tips for high-temperature pig raising in summer (2)

I have previously shared with my friends that the management of the pig house is very important for the pig farm. The ventilation environment of the pig house is very necessary for the summer.Telling everyone today about changing the feeding method is also a small skill that you can try to raise pigs in summer.

Increasing drinking water and urinating is an important mechanism for lowering body temperature in summer pigs. It is necessary to ensure continuous water supply throughout the day, and regularly check the water output of the drinker to ensure that the flow rate is 1.5~2.0L/ min. At the same time drinking water may be added in from 0.01% to 0.02% of VC , and0.1% of an artificial salt, adjusting the electrolyte balance, reduce the occurrence of heat stress.

High temperatures can cause a decrease in feed intake, so the concentration of the diet can be increased accordingly. In particular, energy and vitamin levels can prevent nutrient imbalance due to reduced feed intake, resulting in reproductive failure in summer sows, slower weight gain in pigs, and decreased resistance. Dietary protein and lysine levels can be increased through the use of blood globulin, fish meal, etc.; the use of fat, puffed soybeans, etc. to improve the energy level of the diet to meet the normal nutritional needs of the herd.


Feeding wet mix, the ratio of water is 1:1 , can increase feed intake by about 10% , but it should be mixed now to prevent rancidity and deterioration, while feeding green feed, especially sow. The number of feedings increased from 2to 3 per day , and the feeding was increased during the morning or evening temperatures, especially for sows at the peak of lactation, which increased feed intake by 10% to 15% . Compared to cold weather, feed in hot days is more susceptible to spoilage, especially when the fat level in the feed is high. A small number of methods just help keep the feed fresh.

Adjust the feeding time and increase the number of feedings. Feed in the morning to 5 : 00~6:00 , postpone to18:00~19:00 in the afternoon, avoid the hot noon and afternoon feeding, feed at 22:00~23:00 at night , noon Not feeding.This feeding method can increase the feed intake of pigs.