Veterinary B-ultrasound – let you know the production status of the sow in advance

I have seen such news before: “A farmer sells 2 sows. After the butcher pulls and kills, he finds that there are more than 10 small piglets in his belly !” This kind of thing really exists. Now, the development of science and technology but also to farm veterinary equipment gradually advanced, here, said about a gestation diagnostic products – Veterinary B super

This veterinary B -ultrasound is used to detect the number of piglets in the belly of pregnant sows, the development and the presence of stillbirths, etc. The advantages of veterinary B -ultrasound products are mainly: early pregnancy test can reduce the ineffective feeding time . It is possible to estimate the number of babies, which is conducive to the adjustment of nutritional formula and feeding amount in the gestational sow diet. This veterinary B -ultrasonic ergonomic design is easy to carry and operate. Product performance and quality are stable and durable. The wide angle of 85 degrees makes the image sharper and wider. Veterinary B -ultrasound can provide a reliable scientific basis for breeding rates.


Now the combination of advanced pig equipment and professional technology will avoid a lot of unnecessary losses, more uncertain factors to give a more reliable scientific basis, in the detection of sows, the more accurate and more reliable!