How to ensure the amount of water in the herd during the summer

Regardless of the growth period of the herd, it is very important for the pigs to have clean drinking water, especially in the summer, in the high temperature and high humidity environment, the pigs do not boast a lot of drinking water, the drinking water is insufficient for the pigs. The damage of the group is also great.

If the amount of water in the summer is insufficient, the overall feed intake of the herd will be reduced, resulting in insufficient nutrient supply, which will affect the growth of the herd. For the sow, insufficient water will cause the sow to be restless and milky. Lower, sow constipation or diarrhea. For nursery pigs, it can cause abnormal metabolism, and the disease is frequent, and the pigs are prone to sway, fight or bite each other. For fattening pigs, it can lead to slow growth and delay in the time of slaughter.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure the drinking water of the pigs in the summer. When the temperature is high, the pigs have poor appetite and the feed intake is reduced. Therefore, pay attention to the time and method when feeding. Feeding should improve the ratio of the fine feeding, and the feeding is rich. Vitamin and mineral feed. Try to avoid the high temperature stage when feeding. It can feed in the morning and evening, and feed at low temperature at noon, so it can grow quickly in summer. In addition, the drinking water must be sufficient. The pigs are mainly evaporative and heat-dissipating at high temperature. The adequate and cool drinking water is one of the methods of heatstroke prevention. In addition, an appropriate amount of salt can be added to the drinking water, and the salt can regulate the body temperature.