Application of sow ovulation tester in pig farm

Article source: Guangzhou Jiming Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd. Browse: 425 Release time: 2018-09-08

For pig farms, it is important to predict sow estrus and ovulation. For testing, sows will be more likely to breed and can increase the number of sows born. At this time, the importance of the sow ovulation tester is revealed.

When to sow breeding sows must be selected before ovulation 2 - 3 mated hours or insemination or estrus after the start of 12 - 24- hours insemination or mating, so that the sperm waiting for the egg, proved when estrus after allowing the average boars sows intromission (standing heat) 24 - 36 hours after the start of ovulation.

If the mating too early, the egg has not been discharged, and other ovum, sperm have died, will reach the purpose of conception, sperm generally in sow reproductive tract can be maintained 10 - 20 hours fertilizing capacity. If the mating too late, takes a long time ovum, sperm was in, then the egg will lose the ability to fertilize, sow reach the purpose of conception, the egg is generally within the reproductive tract can keep time fertilizing capacity is 8 - 10hours.

Therefore, the application of the sow ovulation tester on the farm is very important.