A good helper for pig identification – Canadian tattoo pliers

In order to facilitate the management of the farm, the piglets are generally marked when the piglets are weaned. This mark is a good identification for the piglets. The simplest and most practical method for identity management of pig farms is to carry out ear tagging. In developed countries like Europe and the United States, the use of tattoo pliers is very common. It is suitable for animals of different varieties and sizes. Use the tattoo pliers to match the corresponding ear horn number, then fix the animal, then use the ear sniper to press down and apply a special ear burr. After 20days, you can see the number of the animal, if enough If the purchased ear spurs are not good or the spurs are not properly used, the number will be blurred.

If you want the ear number to be clear, you should pay attention to the following points: Select the thorn with a thicker and denser thorn, make the horn hole larger, apply more thorn ink, and the writing is clear. Stinger ink should be as thick as possible, special thorn ink, chemical grade, good oil type, can give human or animal tattoo, even and even, no irritating to the skin, no toxicity, no side effects, easy to color, the number is not fading . In general, vinegar ink is easy to fade, and improper handling can cause inflammation. When pricking the hole, the inner part of the ear should be selected without a blood vessel. The thorn should be fast and powerful. When squeezing the ink, the ear should be laid on a plate or a protective cover, and the cotton bat should be evenly applied in time, and the ink is seen on the back side of the ear, indicating that the entire puncture hole has been applied . Generally, it isweaned at 1.5 months of age or 2 months old. After the animal grows up, the writing is clear, and the age is too small and the writing is not deep.


Note the use of tattoo clamps: clean the surface of the ear with alcohol or kerosene until completely free of grease, dirt and wax. Clean the numbers and jaws with alcohol or kerosene before use. Avoid typing on hairy areas, dark black skins, tendons on the ears, and protrusions. The needle of the guaranteed number enters the surface of the ear. After the ear is typed, first use a cotton bat to stop the blood and absorb the blood, and wipe enough ink to ensure sufficient penetration.